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The New Wave by Da Vittorio restaurant in the UCCA Edge museum in Shanghai is a coming together of disparate elements; a family run Italian restaurant from the foothills of Bergamo in Shanghai and a fine dining experience within the realm of an art gallery.

The New Wave Art Movement, which lends itself to the restaurant’s identity represented confrontation between Chinese and Western Culture, resulted in bold experimentation that brought Chinese art into the modern art world. The concept for the restaurant comes from the collision of these opposing elements and the process of change.

Linehouse seeks to curate transitional moments through a sequence of abstracted and experiential spaces. Referencing the colonnade, in classical architecture defined as a long sequence of columns, we bring arches as a prototype element into the space, as one moves through the feature bar to interior dining and outdoor terrace, This abstracted colonnade brings guest from the public museum space into the more private dining room, through a compressed long corridor to a released open area, the sequence of arched mirrors create the illusion of an infinite journey dominated by spatial progression.

The design of the ceiling installation throughout the restaurant was also born out of the abstract negative shapes formed by the interplay of rhythmically sized round arches. Ceiling fins are made of a unique Japanese triaxle fabric in woven texture, curvy cut and the vaulted volume give softness to the space.

Throughout the restaurant we seek contradiction in materiality to create qualities of soft and hard, rough to smooth, order to unordered and solid to transparent. Materials are manipulated as a catalyst for creating disorder, dissipation, fragmentation and surprise.

坐落于上海UCCA Edge三层的The New Wave by Da Vittorio,是UCCA集团旗下的第一家美术馆餐厅,旨在发掘中意文化对“家”本味的理解,同时将高端餐饮体验与艺术空间进行有机融合。

New Wave的名字以UCCA开馆展“85新潮”作为灵感来源,作为中国20世纪最重要的艺术运动,是一场对于新与旧,中国与西方艺术观念之间碰撞及重构的实验,也首次将中国艺术带入进国际视野。New Wave餐厅的设计概念也来自于对立元素的碰撞,过渡与重构。




New Wave by Da Vittorio

  • Year of Completion : 2021
  • Area : 620sqm
  • Client : Lunar Capital
  • Architect : Linehouse
  • Design Lead : Alex Mok, Briar Hickling
  • Design Team : Jingru Tong, Inez Low, Aiwen Shao, Leah Lin, Jiabao Guo, Cherngyu Chen
  • Project Address : 2F, No.88 Xizang Bei Lu, Jing'an District, Shanghai
  • Architect Website :
  • For more information, contact : [email protected]