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Linehouse designed a dessert bar in the new W Osaka for Sekisui House and Marriott International. Embracing the essence of the W brand, it is witty, bold, and has a strong connection with the local context of Osaka. The hotel, with facade designed by architect Tadao Ando, is located on Mido-suji Boulevard: the city’s main road, lined with ginkgo trees.

Linehouse was inspired by the seasonal transition of gingko trees, the uniquely fan-shaped leaves turning to shades of gold in the autumn season. Linehouse sought to interpret these qualities spatially, creating a curved billowing canopy of gold leaf shingles, evoking the moment the trees are at their fullest, before the golden leaves drop, blanketing the street scape.

A central dessert counter sits beneath the gingko canopy featuring the art of dessert making. The preparation counter seamlessly extends to the guest side showcasing the chefs at work. Just as the gingko canopy captures a specific moment in time, the spatial design also describes the fluid and temporal nature of dessert. An installation of white and brass poles hangs around the perimeter of the space with a pattern of undulating drips. The same pattern also appears on the front of the frosted glass bar.

The materials throughout the project evoke autumnal qualities. The countertop is a nougat terrazzo with earthy coloured aggregates. Delicate brass work forms a hanging shelf suspended above the counter. Around the perimeter of the space are fixed booth seats and a banquette for larger groups. The banquette is clad in hand dyed indigo Sukumo leather.

The exterior of the store is wrapped in a layer of gradient glass creating a sense of privacy and mystery. Circular cutouts in the gradient frame views of hanging cake displays in the window.

The chairs are by Munna. The hanging lighting fixtures above the bar and a special two seater bar chair for couples are custom designed. Specially designed clay sculptures accessorise the hanging shelf with dripping glazes, three dimensional drips and gold biscuits.

A mirrored secret passage connects the patisserie with the adjacent teppanyaki restaurant and flashes with the iridescent colours of Osaka by night.

W OSAKA Dessert Bar: MIXup

  • Year of Completion : 2021
  • Area : 110m2
  • Interior Design : Linehouse
  • Local Interior Design : Nikken Space Design
  • Design Lead : Alex Mok, Briar Hickling
  • Design Team : Cherngyu Chen, Inez Low, Elspeth Lee, Jingru Tong, Celine Cheung
  • Client : Sekisui House
  • Operator : Marriott International
  • Photographer : Nacasa & Partners
  • Architect Website :
  • For more information, contact : [email protected]