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Linehouse was commissioned by Canadian lifestyle brand Herschel Supply to develop a popup structure for temporal retail experiences.

Drawing from Herschel’s roots in Vancouver, Canada, an urban center surrounded by nature, Linehouse took the notion of the urban forest and the kind of dwelling one might find there. In doing so, they reconsidered the alpine cabin for an urban context, creating a fragmented dwelling.

Linehouse created a horizontally stacked timber structure; a void space fills the interior of the assembled wood, in the profile of a house, allowing for visitors to pass through the volume. These timber profiles push and pull, at points of entry, drawing visitors into the space.

The horizontal stacking is interlocked with vertical mirror columns. These are placed diagonally throughout the volume. Translucent panels in the form of a half profile house are layered upon the columns, creating mechanisms of display and graphic applications on the interior.

Upon approaching the structure, black metal frames and acrylic enclose areas of display, containing two-tone story panels.

As one moves around the volume their perspective of the structure shifts from wood to a colour gradient. One side of the timber profile is painted a colour, whilst the other sides remain wood. The colour changes upon each stacked element, in a gradient spanning from blue and green to yellow and orange.

Herschel Supply Pop Up

  • Year of Completion : 2017
  • Architect : Linehouse
  • Photographers : Dirk Weiblen
  • Area : 54sqm