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The gaga coast restaurant in Shanghai recalls a deep connection with coastal elements and Mediterranean soul. Linehouse transformed a three storey building into a vertical journey of refined rusticity across three floors of the restaurant giving visitors unique and distinct spaces to dine. Colours and materials throughout the three floors change telling a different part of the story; green earthy tones on the ground floor link the garden to the open café space, the red fire tones of second floor reflect the dining room centered on the parilla grill, the black yakisugi wood of the third floor contrasts against the white washed flanked stone walls and existing traditional timber trussed ceiling.

Beginning on the ground floor; a daytime café transitioning into an evening bar. The walls are clad with lava stone with a green glaze creating a handmade patina. The timber framed windows open up to the garden outside lined with olive trees. Natural timbers are used for the centerpiece bar counter.

Second floor is an intimate dining room lined with white washed flank stone and timber paneling. The parilla grill and chefs table is the focal piece in the room; the open kitchen is lined with tiles made of ground coffee. Layered timber panels line the ceiling creating different intimate dining nooks with sofa banquettes running along the windows. A larger round table features a Santa & Cole paper donut lantern hanging.

The third floor is a lofty timber trussed space with a pitched roof lined in traditional Chinese grey roof tiles. The walls again features white washed flank stone but contrasted with black burnt yakisugi wood as a backdrop for the chefs table. The large dining room can be used for private dinners or events and a large balcony overlooks the bustling neighbourhood below.

A staircase weaves through the three floors. The walls are lined with a cast graphic of abstracted exoskeletons of sea animals. Panels of woven rope line the staircase structure. Reaching the top of the staircase on level three the timber paneling encloses a wine room which invites guests to peruse the wine selection.

Custom furniture pieces designed by Linehouse are used throughout the restaurant with feature paper lanterns by Santa & Cole, and coffee lights by Studio KAE.

Linehouse also designed the new visual identity for the restaurant. The graphics elicit a sense of change and movement, through layout, spacing and scribbles. Like the journals of a wanderer through the coast – adding an element of relaxed musings. The icon is a handrawn pencilmark reflecting the g of the gaga brand.

位于上海的gaga coast餐厅运用海岸元素,打造出极具地中海风情的餐饮空间。经由联图改造设计,一幢三层楼建筑化身为精致田园风餐厅,为客人们呈上别具一格的用餐体验。三个楼层各具特色,富有变化的色调与材料质感描绘出故事中的不同层次。首层的草绿色连接着花园与露天咖啡馆,二层的绯红色呼应着身为餐厅焦点的烧烤架,三层的黑色烧杉木则与白色水洗冰川纹石墙以及房屋原有的传统木结构屋顶形成鲜明对比。


二层是温馨而私密的餐厅,装饰着白色水洗冰川纹石墙与木壁板。烧烤架与长餐桌是二层空间 的亮点。开放式厨房则贴上了由研磨咖啡制成的瓷砖。错落有致的木质天花板配合着不同私密度的用餐区域,窗边则是舒适的沙发座。二层还摆放了一张尺寸较大的圆桌,Santa & Cole出品的纸质甜甜圈造型灯笼悬挂在圆桌上方。



联图设计的定制家具在餐厅里随处可见,另使用了Santa & Cole出品的纸灯笼以及Studio KAE出品的咖啡灯。


Gaga coast Shanghai

  • Year of Completion : 2022
  • Area : 620sqm
  • Architect : Linehouse
  • Design Lead : Alex Mok
  • Design Team : Francis del Felice, Mia Zhou, Fei Wang, Cherngyu Chen
  • Project Address : Xintiandi, Shanghai
  • Architect Website :
  • For more information, contact : [email protected]
  • photo credit : ©Wen Studio