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BaseHall is a contemporary, high end food hall, bringing together Hong Kong’s top 7 artisanal food and bar operators in one location.

It is located in Jardine House, an iconic tower on Hong Kong’s skyline, overlooking Victoria Harbour in Central, Hong Kong. On its completion in 1972, Jardine House was the tallest building in Asia for several years.

The concept for the space draws from historical depictions of Jardine House in cinema during the early 1970s and seeks to convey an atmosphere of nostalgia through its spatial arrangement and the use of materiality, lighting and detailing.

The entrance is framed by a laurel green portal with traditional shop gates and provides arriving guests with an overall view of the space. Moveable cashier carts with terrazzo vinyl surfaces and portal frames for signage allow the restaurant to spill out into the adjoining corridor.

Split across two levels, the space has two distinct identities – the “market courtyard” which is bright, open and festive, and the “upper bar” which is conceived as a warmer and more intimate space.

The upper bar area is lined with green rounded batten wall panelling topped with white metal custom light fixtures. A lacquered panelled ceiling holds a series of warm, custom lights which add to the intimacy of the space. A dusty pink bar, topped with reused marble is the focal point of the bar area, with a panelled surface, custom lighting and bespoke brass detailing. Handmade tiles pave the upper floor area, custom designed by Linehouse.

In contrast to the upper bar, the main market space is designed to be dynamic, open and flexible. The vendor façade is defined by the arches of the canopy, and lined with rounded oak battens and hairline stainless steel window frames, with a curved canopy highlighting each vendor. This main area is designed to be flexible, allowing for live music events and performances. Custom furniture is flexible and stackable, and a moveable DJ booth allows for performances to occur throughout the space.

The custom metal canopy ceiling is a highlight of the space and references traditional vaulted market hall structures. Backlighting of diffuse glass allows for shifting light qualities throughout the day and night, allowing for the creation of an interior/exterior space. Custom lighting allows for more dynamic lighting effects during events and at night. The bathrooms are lined with 1750 recycled metal rods, painted and repurposed to line the walls and cubicles. A green terrazzo floor and vanity, mint accents and bespoke lights reference and modernise local retro design sensibilities.


  • Completion : 2020
  • Interior Architect : Linehouse
  • Client : Hongkong Land
  • Branding : Hecho
  • Programme : 7 food vendors, 2 bar vendors & mobile stand
  • Area : 550 sqm ground floor (not including basement kitchen)
  • Location : LG/F, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central
  • Photograher : Dennis Lo,
  • Project Website :