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LINEHOUSE was asked to create a new modern fast food identity for Lone Ranger; a hot dog shop, incorporating a wild west theme. Replacing the entire façade of the shop located at the waterfront of the Hangpu River, Shanghai, LINEHOUSE created a playful composition of white timber weatherboards, raw timber, and custom printed tiles featuring an arrowhead motif.

The exterior is composed of opening doors and shutter panels, which when opened reveals the continuous tile pattern which wraps the counters and floors. The exterior counters seats 6 with a further 6 seats inside. The 4m high ceiling void is painted a bright yellow with a woven rope structure which creates an apparatus for the lights to hang from.

Lone Ranger

  • Year of Completion : 2014
  • Architect : Linehouse
  • Area : Interior - 19sqm
  • Location : Wai Ma Road, Shanghai, China
  • Main Contractor : 王金芳
  • Photographer : Benoit Florencon